Annual forecast of your ascendant for the year 2010


ARIES: With caution and keeping low profile you’ll avoid pitfalls, you’ll strengthen new relationships and protect the old ones. You are erotic very glamorous!!!
TAURUS: Career is for you in the foreground. Be cautious to people and their ideas! You’ll experience new beginnings after June. Sudden trips may occur. Do not hesitate to trust your intuition.

GEMINI: Stability and steadiness in your decisions and your relations. Be patient and modest in your goals. A solid ground could be in long-terms very productive.
CANCER: There will be a need for spiritual evolution. Open your wings! Family issues are in the foreground. Be careful in new contacts and cooperations.
LEO: You’ll have opportunities to increase you income. Use them wisely and not impulsive or as an opportunity to be in the limelight and satisfy your “ego”.
VIRGO: You may feel a little bit tired, but continue your efforts by keeping low profile. Changes are coming and you have to be ready to welcome them. New persons in your erotic life!
LIBRA: The time you never expected it would come, is at last here! Take decisions, set goals in each field of your life and put them on a scale in order to reach the implementation. If you manage that, the Universe promises the best outcome.
SCORPIO: Career issues will be in the foreground for you. All your attention and efforts focus on the evolution of your career. Disguise your combative behavior and have patience, until the worse part is over. Take care of yourself.
SAGITTARIUS: You are after seriousness in your relationships, friendly or erotic ones. You are full of drive but you should not overestimate your might! You have to be careful during May and June, as difficulties may appear. Relax and have fun.
CAPRICORN: You’ll have to organize carefully your next steps regarding financial issues or new beginnings. Mistakes will have an impact on your relationships with colleagues or your partner. Your dreams could come true, if you could have patience and be optimistic.
AQUARIUS: Profits from a financial deal or a new beginning in your career! Be careful during May and June. Your independent character could cause you ruptures in your erotic life. Have fate in yourself and move on. Be cautious on trips.
PISCES: There will be several opportunities to relax and have fun, but your restless character will obstruct you. Career issues will keep you busy. In your financial sector, you’ll have to be satisfied with moderate incomes. But in your erotic life, be prepared for new romantic beginnings.


ARIES: Without realizing it, you will put pressure on your companion or your colleagues, due to your practical spirit and your speed, which could cause you misunderstandings. New career changes are favorable, despite some difficulties.
TAURUS: In order to succeed your goals this year, a close consideration should get ahead of any decision.  Be cautious of hidden aspects at agreements and settlements. Your intuition will show you the way.
GEMINI: Your courage and perhaps your impudence could influence your conservative manners and lead you to new and more flexible way of dealing with things. As if you have a magic wand in your hand ...  
CANCER:  Your sentimental stability will be wavered this year. Only your practical spirit, a steady course and most of all your patience could lead you from the deadlocks. Always express your real and true emotions! Artistic professions are favourable.
LEO: Don't let your uncertainty to hinder you. Place objectives and with proper planning you will be in the position to take advantage of new ideas and opportunities. Be self-confident! Pay attention to your finances and organize them well.
VIRGO: Something is bothering you, although everything is steady and peaceful. In order to fulfil goals and desires, review all details and act appropriately and dynamically during June and July. In your erotic life, something new will shake you out!
LIBRA : An increase of responsibilities could be asked to you from your family. Don’t be indignant, because all your efforts and your hard work are going to be recognised. In the end you’ll get what you deserve.  
SCORPIO: Dive in your inner self and find the right solutions to your sentimental affairs. Your evolution in this field is in your hands. Be fair and avoid jealousy or actions of revenge. The challenge is waiting for you…
SAGITTARIUS: Your alternative of this year will be your career. But your finances require your attention to the last detail. In your erotic life you better avoid combative behaviors, if you don’t want to have conflicts with your partner. 
CAPRICORN: Your inhibitions and your formal character will cause you disappointments and will drive your partner to sentimental requirements. Relax and trust people. Your professional occupation doesn’t leave you enough time for yourself. You have to take some breaks to enjoy yourself and have fun with friends or your partner.
AQUARIUS: By looking from a different perspective all those little things that are the essence of life, you revaluate things and create an oasis for you and those who are near you and need you.
PISCES: You should stabilize this year your personal and professional relationships, instead of moving towards radical changes, which could cost you.


ARIES: The path of your life leads you to self-corroboration. You may have to deal with many unexpected situations and overcame many obstacles. Be prepared.  Keeping your temper is always the best way to react!
TAURUS: Your self-exploration deepens your personal value. But playing with your mind should be replaced by a steady handling of your professional, financial and sentimental life, if you don’t want to face a dead-end. 
GEMINI: In 2010 you will be invited to go deeper in your relationships, instead of playing safe. Keep a defensive behavior and don’t show right away your deepest thoughts.
CANCER: You are asked to show patience and persistency in any difficulty or delay you may experience. Sentimental tensions should be dealt realistic. Find a creative way out to avoid irritations.
LEO: With a warrior’s passion and your irresistible energy and enthusiasm you will be after your goals this year. Be steady and don’t waist your time and energy in conflicts with your superiors. Your diplomacy should be your guide. 
VIRGO: There is only one way left for you, straight to the top! But in some occasions you could face clouds… Don’t hesitate; it doesn’t need all to be perfect to continue your journey. The sun will shine for you!
LIBRA: Show to the people you are connected to, the authenticity of your emotions and your true objectives, in order to understand you better. This presupposes of course to feel secure about you…
SCORPIO: 2010 requires from you to win your financial independence from people you relay on, and that includes also bank loans. Check your finances while avoiding the trap of debt.
SAGITTARIUS: You could experience conflicts in your relationships. Evaluate situations, keep only those relations who are worth and go on. This procedure could cause you great pain. Try to be objective.
CAPRICORN: The challenge of the year is to move on from the utopia you are living in. Organise you life in a more realistic base and try to govern your emotional exaggeration that strangles people. Get real and be practical, starting from the most important issues of your life.
AQUARIUS: Your main characteristic is your optimism. Through your positive thoughts you attract positive developments. Hold you self-confidence high and stay away from situations they don’t mach to your  believes.
PISCES: Your main objective is to gain social prestige and business succession. It seems, you’ve lost your way…through a much more spiritual way, for example by studying, been calm, focusing on things, ect, you could obtain energy, mental clarity and awareness to avoid mistakes of the past.


ARIES: Govern your impatience, identify and stabilise with determination your goals and seek for changes, they could develop your life!
TAURUS: You should consider your own interest in your relationships. It’s time to move on and leave behind everything in your personal life that holds you back. Take one step at the time.
GEMINI: Find the balance between your feelings and your freedom! Otherwise you’ll suffer. Favouring this year are contacts with friends, joy and fun, as long as you have taken seriously your responsibilities.
CANCER: Get ready for a year with all those changes you ever wanted. Be aware that changes will bring responsibilities. Some of those will last long!
LEO: This year brings you a balance of all those good and bad things you experienced in the past. Try to do your best. Occupation with your hobbies will bring you joy.
VIRGO: There’ll be many times your will be in a crossroad, not knowing which way to go. You will face many obstacles and difficulties but at that moment you’ll know how to go on.
LIBRA: Imagine this year as a volcano and your hot topics, waiting to be solved, as lava! Be prepared and get ready for serious work.
SCORPIO: You’ll become more serious in your choices of people you’re socializing with. You seem to choose prestigious and more responsible behavior, to forward your career plans. Be aware of obstacles and delays you may face after May and for a short period of time.   
SAGITTARIUS: The 2010 find you upset and in great thoughts about your relationship, that will probably end. In that case, think things in a positive way and don’t be depressed.
CAPRICORN: You are always strict with yourself, but when you are firm with other people, you should consider that they experience it as an enormous pressure. It’s most likely to experience ruptures this year in your environment, because of that.  
AQUARIUS : You’ll have the professional opportunities to grow this year. You only have to be there at the right moment!
PISCES: The foundations of your professional life will be placed this year and gaps in your relations will be filled.  Only during May and June you will face pressure. Keep on with your dynamism.


ARIES: You seek freedom. The direction you will choose must reflect you, in a way that you don’t have to regret about things later. Review the correctness of all restrictions, leave old situations behind and make new choices.
TAURUS: With steady moves and much energy you can obtain what you seek, as long as you don’t postpone your actions. Think only of what you desire and not of what you are afraid of.
GEMINI: Like a nice children you are going to choose your partner and your inconstant life has to be stopped, because you are going to be caught on action!
CANCER: You may complain about thinks not going so well, or people at home giving you a hard time, but don’t give up. Better days are coming.
LEO: You are already on the path you targeted and you’ll get what you want. Good luck!
VIRGO: Your financial issues will continue to need a careful handling. Your actions may need to be tough, because that’s the only way to keep stability.
LIBRA: Have faith in yourself! You’ll have opportunities for new contacts. Keep your secrets well hidden and be careful with people you don’t now well.  Whatever you start now must be well based; otherwise it will collapse after a while. The planet scenery is favourable for athletes.
SCORPIO: Good luck is on your side in both your career and erotic life. You should avoid heavy thoughts, which disorientate you. Just open up!
SAGITTARIUS: The present opportunities are as a result of your past efforts. There will be many obligations and responsibilities. Don’t neglect you partner.
CAPRICORN: Your personal path towards progress is based this year completely and only on your own forces, although you may have an unexpected support. Conservative handling of your finances is required.
AQUARIUS: There is a positive atmosphere in your business environment. You’ll have the last word, both in your personal and business relationships. Attention to illusions is required.   
PISCES: Every time that emotions fight logic, decision-making is difficult. In a battle, the best way to act, is to act logical. Give your personal fight…


ARIES: You’ll feel a significant pressure from your work, but there will be ensuring success and satisfaction. In your erotic life you are in your best moments, but play safe after the middle of the year.
TAURUS: You will go on this year will the recipe that suits you, and that means, with hard work, discipline and conservative acting. Your finance needs special care. Favouring the artistic professions at the second half of the year.
GEMINI: You need to be cautious with your cerebral games, especially during May and June. At that time you will be scandalized a little bit more than usual…
CANCER: Move towards your goals this year in orders to express your inner and depressed self. Don’t let your impulsive emotions overcome you. It could kill your relations and deviate you from your objectives. Keep a cool head and a warm heard!
LEO: This is your year! Weigh anchor and sail the seas of your goals! Remain confident and you can make it!
VIRGO: Patience and objectivity are needed, as a few obstacles may appear.  They will be the last ones.
LIBRA: Find serenity and peace this year in the warmness of your home and in the company of your friends. Even when you’re alone, take the time to relax and look after yourself.
SCORPIO: Check your financial sources, reduce expenses and make only careful moves. In your relationships you’ll have to forgive and start from scratch.
SAGITTARIUS: Be careful with relations who mean something to you, especially if you are playing around. During May and June you could face ruptures. Expel the feeling of the unfairly treated. Have a clear look on what you’ve earned and hold them. 
CAPRICORN: Be armed with strength and clear mind to avoid the pitfalls of 2010. Don’t pile up nerves and anger, because you will explode against everyone. Have self-confidence, patience and positive thinking.
AQUARIUS: Friends, colleagues and in general your relationships are in the foreground this year. Face them, even if you have to put an end to some of them.
PISCES: You are working too much. Find a balance between work and pleasure and find some time for your partner.


ARIES: After finding what you are looking for in your relations or from your partner, you should make a clear statement. Otherwise you will get the worst of your relations.
TAURUS: Moves, who aim only to show off, will harm both your pocket and your reputation. Be firm in your priorities and promises you made.
GEMINI: In some cases, the journey is much more important that the destination. But not this year… Destination is much more important for you and you have to be careful on the “journey” of your relations at work or with your companion. You may confront rebellions.
CANCER: Sum up situations and follow the path Saturn is showing you with self-restraint. Saturn has also gifts to give…
LEO: After you put in order thinks in your head and your finances, you have to put limits in your surroundings. You’ll have an inner guidance this year, showing you the right signs and leading you with the right strategy into action!
VIRGO: Thrashing out in all aspects of your life gives you relieve and makes your life better. Well, you may begin, and if you feel tired, an excursion in the nature will be the only way out.
LIBRA: You look in the mirror this year and face at last your true you, with your desires and your special qualities. You only have to find a balance…
SCORPIO: Secure your professional issues in every detail. This is not a year to stay back or pretend not to see. Trust your instinct.
SAGITTARIUS: Last year you faced the danger to brake up with your partner. This danger will be back at the beginning of summer. Till then, you’ll have plenty of time and many opportunities to resolve issues and get closer.
CAPRICORN: Don’t be afraid to put an end on a chapter of your erotic live, that doesn’t express your needs anymore. Something new will show up! Leave the “toxic environment”. Timing is perfect and the Universe is ready to support you.
AQUARIUS: Take of your blinkers, who make you fall into errors.  Have a look at the whole picture and yourself within it, instead of focusing on things others do to you. Brighten yourself and take responsibilities.
PISCES: You have the blessing and opportunities to guide your relations where you want to. It may seem difficult or demanding to you. Take a step each time and you can only go forward.


ARIES: There are times, your romance suffers, in other moments your career, and all this will affect your nervous system. Nobody is perfect and there is no Promised Land…you mustn’t forget that.
TAURUS: Do not consider only the economic benefits but also the progress you made throughout the years. You can do it.
GEMINI: You have a clear road before you. You can now ask what ever you deserve. Your hard work will be now rewarded.
CANCER: It’s like being in the start-up, the race has started and you are waiting for a hand to push you out. Believe in yourself and you are going to win the race.
LEO: Intense creativity in your business sector, particularly for those with intellectual occupations and a new love affair in your way. Parents should pay attention to their children. 
VIRGO: You have very high and almost impossible expectations from yourself, but you have also an inherent creative talent. If you manage to overcome your material objectives, everything is possible for you, if you believe it make sense.
LIBRA: It’s the era of challenges, which come as a result of some incorrect choices you made in the past. You will be confused, but don’t replace something permanent with something new. Make yourself clear and discuss things.
SCORPIO: This year begins with the best omen for you. Your intuition is correct. Act accordingly!
SAGITTARIUS: It’s the era for changes according your behavior. The probation period will teach you how to defend yourself. You will not have the intension to compromise, or to accept advices. Embrace your desires and follow your heard. 
CAPRICORN: The changes of this year will be but on the microscope of your subconscious. You will reach your redemption only if you leave your denial behind you and move into the future with positive emotions towards harmony.
AQUARIUS: There will be improvement in your finances. Don’t miss the opportunity! You could also face the need to make some adjustments regarding your friends. Replace any thoughts of inferiority with more positive ones and you will really see yourself to succeed!
PISCES: There will be a thrashing out in your relations, and this is for your own good. Favoring contacts with superiors. You can put your new foundations now. A romance is coming.


ARIES: This is the year you have waited for a professional success. As long as you be careful with your impulsions and control your touchy character, you can reach any goal.
TAURUS: Luck helps you to achieve your goals. Control your impetuosity during May, June and July. After this period you can go on with new passion.
GEMINI: You will have to deal this year with issues in your erotic live. You need to clarify who is on your side, who needs you and who doesn’t. You have to keep in mind, that you must not only take, but to give also!  
CANCER: This year ask you to transform and open yourself in general. Increase your goals and except more from yourself. Don’t follow the easy way.
LEO: You are erotic very glamorous, your finance is in good shape, your environment will be able to help you, that what remains is to set priorities to prevent strangling situations. 
VIRGO: If you experienced a few moths ago misunderstandings and miscommunications with your partner, now you’ll have multiple opportunities to find the harmony between you.
LIBRA: You’ll have the need to travel; you’ll want to escape from yourself and your way of thinking. Review and start from scratch. In this path of research of your personality, you could find your true companion.
SCORPIO: You may restrict your objectives for a while. You must re-examine some situations that cost you pressure and to transform them into something new and more suitable to you.
SAGITTARIUS: You are asked to make a complete metamorphosis through self-knowledge. Your self-improvement is in your own hands and not on fate, although some thinks that affect you are destined. 
CAPRICORN: You have to be very careful in your finance and your investments. Think twice before you make a move.
AQUARIUS: Dream, illusion and luck go together.  You need to observe carefully to distinguish them in order to avoid pitfalls, especially in your finances and your romance.
PISCES: New beginnings are favoring. Meet new people in your life and avoid attempts to improve old and damaged.


ARIES: It’s a year in which you’ll feel strong and spiritual. Because of that you should be able to express your opinion and support people or ideas. Get rid of those who you think they have nothing to offer you.
TAURUS: Look deep inside you and bring your good aspects to the light. Favouring are professions who have contact with many people or offer to the community. You are a hard worker and very sexy.
GEMINI: You have to take care of your companion and stabilize your business. Keep your feet on the ground!
CANCER: Forget the past and use all your energy to deal with the present issues. Have in mind that there is always a funny side in each and every situation.
LEO: Stabilize you erotic life and find a balance between you business and personal life. If you feel you have stuck and don’t now how to go on, just listen your inner voice.
VIRGO: Your behaviour will cause you serious misunderstandings. You have to find a solution. Give yourself some time, touch your deeper true and forget for a moment your gain.
LIBRA: Solutions to your problems are under your nose... Search your options and then arrange one by one your outstanding issues. You may need to look out further for other options.
SCORPIO: This new year finds you very dynamic and knowing which path to follow, in order to improve yourself. With legal action only, you soon will see the result of your efforts.
SAGITTARIUS: Only at the second half of the year you will be able to go on with the changes you planed. Till then, be conservative and cautious.
CAPRICORN: Stop complaining and whimpering. Nothing and no one is perfect! You have to put an end to your endless interest for everyone and everything around you and take a concentrate at yourself.
AQUARIUS: It’s the age of senses and illusions! Favoring are writers, as their fertile imagination will generate stories and scenarios. Enjoy this wonderful period, but try to stay on ground!
PISCES: This is the right moment to communicate your ideas and reach your goals. Don’t overestimate your potentialities. You need only to have truth and integrity.


ARIES: You’ll have luck in your work and action in your romantic issues. It will be like an unexpected wave of abundance! You only have to find your   “treasury island”!
TAURUS: A new contact will fascinate you. Be careful with your finances during May and June. You will develop new ideas in your career and you’ll have a distinguish inspiration.
GEMINI: This year finds you more decisive and much more mature, after the lessons you had to take in the past.  Do not confuse your goals and do not communicate your ideas, because you’ll face jealousy. It’s the right moment to offer to the community. 
CANCER: You have to take care of your relatives this year. Act conservative with your finances. Many of you will have a second thought of having a child.
LEO: You will have a love affair this year that will sweep you off you feet! Have your mind on traps, because this is not the case you would like it to be.  The parents will need to be there for your children, because difficult times are coming and their appearance will be decisive.
VIRGO: Have your mind in your work. Review from scratch your professional plans, because you’ll face many risks. In your privet life you have to stand on your own feet, let your creative talents find the way out and only then you’ll find the true happiness. 
LIBRA: You will be after the perfect love this year. You will have the tendency to idealise everything. But if you are already in a relationship, that tendency will make you tired very soon. With patience and listening to your inner guidance you’ll be in the right place at the right moment.
SCORPIO: You will create all alone the opportunities, which will lead you to your purposes. Don’t bother what others say about you. Move on and look only forward. After all, only a few can reach your spiritual level.
SAGITTARIUS: Your inner self is demanding for changes. You will not be able to feel complete, if you don’t rely on yourself and dare to take initiatives. The real purpose of your life is calling you! Win the challenge by gaining self-confidence through efforts, based completely on your own.
CAPRICORN: You have the strength needed to overcome difficulties in relationships, erotic ones or at work. Your self-confidence will be stimulated.
AQUARIUS: You will feel, you are at the foreground. The truth is, it will be an easygoing year for all of you, who are visionaries of a non-conventional and non-traditional life. Enjoy life and your friends. You deserved it, because you’re honest!
PISCES: You will have the tendency for charity and generosity this year. Make changes in your personal life. Only during the relatively difficult period of May, June and July you will have to find some time for you to relax and calm down.


ARIES: You have now the knowledge form the past. Use it as a key to open all your doors. You need to stay to your priorities and focus with clear mind on your goals.
TAURUS: Your personal struggle has to do with timing of cutting ties with the past and undertake the changes you need. You are able to break down the structure you’ve created with long and hard work, only to live a new adventure. If you use your mind rather than your sentiment, you will be able to balance even on a stretched rope…
GEMINI: You will make decisions this year about relations, love affairs and pretty much about every kind of relation. Many will end and many will begin from scratch. Focus only on those you need and desire. 
CANCER: Your inner self (“the Warrior of Light”) is giving you the inspiration of taking in advantage all those who can bring you in a new level. You punish your spirit by being hard to yourself.
LEO: Your environment gives you satisfaction and full with energy you can continue your work, till you’ve reached your goals. 2010 has gifts for you, but this year can be exhausting. You could relax with various activities and social contacts but not in fleeting relations, who could provide you only a permanent way out.  
VIRGO: To you is it either your relationship or your career…or could you maybe find a balance? Spend a bit of your time with your partner.
LIBRA: 2010 is the “Valentines” year for you! You should avoid daydreaming and keep your feet on the ground!
SCORPIO: Close relatives will cause you problems this year. Take a distance from them. Listen to your hard, your senses and your sensitivity. Find a permanent companion if you don’t have one. Check your financial sources and reduce expenses.
SAGITTARIUS: You are at the pick of your efforts.  The opportunities are equivalent to your work. As you consider the possible developments and all the alternatives in order to make your moves, you should pick that way that will give you physical and mental calmness.
CAPRICORN: You may look back and see, where you were right and were you were wrong. Or those moments you only thought about your own interest, or even those moments you let someone take advantage of you. Do not torture yourself; life is waiting for you. Find a balance between your strict and your open side.
AQUARIUS: It’s a lucky year! You can clearly see the opportunities coming and use them well. It’s also a very good year for students and scholars.
PISCES : It’s a very good year, as Jupiter embraces your Sun!!! Live and enjoy yourself!